Dennis Hines from Millen, Georgia
Up in the Sky!

Mr. Dennis grew up poor and remained poor during his adult life.  He didn’t make the best choices, but the worst choice he ever made was to drink and try to light a cigarette from a bon fire.  He fell in.  Dennis is glad to be alive and granted a second chance to do something positive with his life.  He still has a long and painful recovery to go but he takes time, every day, to visit with staff and other residents.  He is in so much pain every day but he needs to be needed so he enjoys assisting others by pushing wheelchairs and picking up dirty dishes and delivering them to the kitchen.  He finds new ways every day to try and help someone else.  His dream was to “go fast” and fly in an airplane.  

We arranged for Dennis to take flight and actually fly an airplane.  He grinned from ear to ear and loved that our accompanying staff member became frightened when they hit a few air pockets.  Dennis was delighted with the whole dream experience and appreciated the model airplane keepsake from the airport.

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  • Millen, Georgia