Dorothy from State College, PA
Big Sister


Dorothy Henderson was born on January 26, 1922. Her parents were the late Harry and Minnie Sawyer. The morning she was born it was -40 degrees in Chester Vermont. Dorothy was the oldest of 4 children, two sisters Betty and Margaret and brother Robert. They were a close-knit family - even their grandparents lived and worked on the farm together. Dorothy was remembering her family with son Harry and couldn’t remember the last time she saw her brother Robert. It had been a while since the loss of both sisters in 2012. While talking with Robert on the phone, Harry learned he was going to Cleveland to hear his youngest son give a lecture at the local college. He was coming from New Jersey so he could make a surprise visit to Dorothy around her birthday on January 26, 2014. Robert did not want two years to pass again without seeing his big sister. When Robert met Dorothy and Harry on January 27, 2014 she did not believe it was her brother this man was too old! They had a good laugh.

  • Location
  • State College, PA