Dorothy Bozick from Lima, OH
Glenn Miller Orchestra's Biggest Fan

Dorothy Bozick

Each of the past two years when we have done a day trip to see the Glenn Miller Orchestra, resident Dorothy Bozick has singled out the same musician in the band, saxophonist Kevin Sheehan. She swoons over him, says that thinks he is such an incredible musician, wonderful singer, not to mention “extremely attractive”. She keeps a photo of him taped to the wall in her apartment. While we were getting ready to attend the concert yesterday, she was deciding which color nail polish she should wear that might make him “notice her” in her crowd. Months previous when I had ordered the tickets, I had emailed the director of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, as well as Kevin himself, telling them what a fan Dorothy was. Kevin was so touched by this, Dorothy was called up to the stage at the beginning of the show in front of hundreds of people, and was presented with a bouquet from Kevin, who was so excited to meet his adoring fan. She also received a photo of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, autographed by every member! Dorothy was GLOWING the entire afternoon, and said “even if I died tonight, I would be a happy woman!” This morning, she said she was still floating on cloud nine, and says she “still can’t believe it was all real!”

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  • Lima, OH