Dorothy Ruth from Lebanon, TN
Let's Workout

Dorothy Ruth

Let’s Workout!!!!!


Dorothy was a long time member of Sports Village that she attended a water aerobics class every week.  She has not been able to attend a class in a long time and she wanted to attend another class.  Today was the day.  She was ready and excited to attend the class that started at 8:30am this morning.  The pool is a heated pool that is great for anybody with arthritic joints. 


Dorothy walked down the steps into the pool and we got out dumbbells and let the class begin.  At first Dorothy shared with us the moves that she remembered.  As the class increased in size she asked me to take over teaching the class.  We learned when we got there the teacher was on vacation. 


We had a wonderful time. We met some new friends in the pool.  Fay and Diana really enjoyed working out with Dorothy and Fay remembered Dorothy from when she used to come to the classes a long time ago. 


After the workout we went for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. 


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