Dorothy from State College, PA
The Arboretum At Penn State

Dorothy Henderson Dorothy has been a resident of Elmcroft since July 2, 2005. She likes to be called Dot and when she sees you it is with a smile and quick wit and humor she always has an air of a secret. Dot loves activities and crafts. She participates in daily activities and events. Flower arrangements are some of our repeated activities, cutting and pruning flowers and arranging in vases. At Easter this year we made organic soil by collecting leaves, egg shells, soil, and assorted greens. Dot had gardens floral as well as vegetable, Her son Harry said she kept her self busy. While talking with her she wished she could still have flowers a lot of flowers, so on July 26, 2012, Harry was excited for his mother to go on an outing that she requested he offered to Drive to the Arboretum of State college. Dot was excited to go and kept saying Oh boy how nice. The Arboretum and The Botanic Gardens have more than 700 species and cultivars of plants and gardens. The paths are smooth and has many benches and garden chairs along the paths to make an enjoyable and unhurried visit

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  • State College, PA