Dream Number 20 Fulfilled from Sebring, OH
A Trip to Noah's Lost Ark

Dream Number 20 Fulfilled

Second Wind Dreams (SWD) at Copeland Oaks and Crandall Medical Center (CO/CMC) was honored to fulfill a dream by arranging for a resident to visit a sanctuary for exotic animals.  We first became aware of the dream following a Second Wind Dream presentation for our residents at Copeland Oaks Retirement Community.  Shortly after the presentation, we received a dream request for a female resident.  Her dream was to attend the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.  We knew that we would not be able to make that dream come true but we quickly noticed that a second dream request was listed on the form.  The resident wanted to visit an animal sanctuary that specialized in exotic animals.  It was not a secret that our resident was an animal lover, especially exotic cats, so we got to work to make this dream come true.Working with Noah’s Lost Ark, located in Berlin Center, Ohio, we made the arrangements needed for the resident to have a grand day.  Once everything was in order, we announced the dream in a special way.  At dinner, we approached our resident with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that included roses.  We told her that we could not make her dream come true to attend the Rose Parade but that we would love to take her and a few of her friends to Noah’s Lost Ark.  She was overwhelmed and began to cry.  Everyone in the dining room began to congratulate her and the room became energized with excitement.   The day arrived and our very excited, overwhelmed and teary-eyed dream recipient, along with 6 friends and 4 staff members, boarded a bus.  We headed for Noah’s Lost Ark, which provides a permanent, safe home to unwanted and abused exotic animals.  Lions, Tigers, Panthers and Wolfs abound on the grounds.  The staff at Noah’s Ark greeted everyone and took time to answer questions and add value to our residents.  Our dream recipient was thrilled to once again have the opportunity to gaze upon these exotic creatures.  We spent the afternoon just watching and admiring the beauty and the movements of the many animals at Noah’s Lost Ark.  The day ended with a shopping spree in the gift shop where our recipient purchased a stuffed tiger to remind her of her special day.  The resident was heard several days later retelling the story and all that she saw at the sanctuary; and yes, she was still teary eyed.The finances for this SWD were provided by the wonderful employees of Copeland Oaks and Crandall Medical Center.

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  • Sebring, OH