Dykes Calhoun from Rock Hill, South Carolina
Steaks, Lobster, Shakes, and Laughter

Dykes Calhoun

A frequent request for us is to serve a steak dinner. Several of our facility family members jumped quickly to an "all-inclusive" steak dinner experience as their second-wind dream. We were able to give 13 residents the chance to order anything they wanted off the menu. This resulted in bulging eyes, wide smiles, and incredulous laughter.  "Anything?", they would ask with their mouths open. "Yes, anything!" Appetizers, sodas, tea, 18 oz prime rib, loaded baked potatoes, and mountainous deserts were happily consumed on each outing.  Every resident, on the way home, said "I'm so full, but I'm so happy!  And look! I have lunch and supper tomorrow, too!"

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  • Rock Hill, South Carolina