Earl and Mareget Hodge from State College, PA
Smelling the Flowers

Earl and Mareget Hodge

Earl and Margret Hodge were married February 6th, 1960; they have been married 53 years. Earl was a chemist and Margret was a telephone operator for Bell Telephone. They had two children - Tracy and David. They were a couple who worked together and played together. One of their shared passions was gardening.  They would plant flowers and enough vegetable to share with their family and the neighbors.

We took them back down memory lane with a gardening project. Green house manager of Agriculture at Penn State, Scott Deloreto, and his assistant, Jennie Diehl, presented Earl and Margret with the items for two window box gardening projects. They were given marigolds, yuccas, two fig trees, soil, and planters. Earl and Margret were surprised and pleased to have the opportunity to muck in the dirt again. Earl dug in without any hesitation! As the weather permits the boxes can be placed outside on the beautiful patio in full bloom.

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  • State College, PA