Edith Thompson from Hendersonville, TN
Hungarian to the Soul!

Edith Thompson

Edith Thompson, a 93 year old resident of Elmcroft of Hendersonville, is VERY proud of her Hungarian roots.  Her parents came to the US in the early 1900's, and Edith was the first child, out of 8, to be born in the US.  She would often talk about her mother and grandmother's good Hungarian cooking, and how she would love to have some Hungarian food again.  So, Elmcroft decided to grant her wish.  We took her to Cafe Bosna in Hermitage, Tennessee where she was able to pick out some of her favorite foods.  She had Chicken Paprikash (she said it very guttural) and Baklava.  She was thrilled.  She enjoyed every bite.  I don't think it was quite as good as grandma's, but she ate more than I had ever seen.  She couldn't have been more thankful for the special treat.  When asked if she had a good time, she said, "God, yes!!"  

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