Edna Hamby from Marietta, GA
Keep Calm & Go Shopping with Edna

Edna Hamby

Ms. Edna Hamby enjoyed going to the mall and shopping with her friends. Since she has been living at Elmcroft, she really wishes she could take a mall trip and go shopping at her favorite store. Her favorite store is Macy's. She would love to do lunch afterwards at her favorite restaurant which is O'Charley's. If Ms. Hamby had the chance to go on a shopping spree to Macy's she would be extremely happy and joyful. She says she doesn't ask for much, but she would love to go to the mall!


Dream Fulfilled on August 29, 2016!

First Edna and her friend went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and then they hit the mall to shop. The ladies spend 2 hours in Macy’s shopping and browsing around. They really enjoyed themselves. Ms. Edna stated that this was the best shopping trip she has ever had! She was so happy and couldn’t believe that everything had been planned for her. 

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  • Marietta, GA