Eleven Lovely Ladies from Hudson, OH
Comfort Day

Eleven Lovely Ladies

Twice a year, we do a comfort day for some of our special ladies who are sleeping dreamers.  We treat them to a morning of spa treatment and extra attention.  The ladies join us in our lounge in a relaxing environment with soft music and beautiful scenery playing on the television screen.  As the ladies are helped to each station, they receive loving care through hand massages, manicures, make-up and hair styling.  Members of our Second Wind Dream committee and some staff and a community volunteer helped with the stations.  SWD team member Mary made corsages for each participant.  Sparkling punch was provided for all of the ladies.  Once the ladies had gone through the stations, a glamour photo was taken out in the beautiful Tranquility Courtyard outside and the photos will be given to their family members.  You can see by the smiles on their faces that they really enjoyed the morning of special attention.  All throughout the day people would compliment them on how beautiful they were and it was inspiring for all of us to see their enjoyment.

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  • Hudson, OH