Elma from State College, PA
All Aboard!

Elma Smithmyer, When Elma was asked what would you like for a dream come true, she said for her boys to be happy and in good health. Elma is a proud mother of three boys and she talks about them with a smile and a proud twinkle in her eye. Elma shares many stories about her boys when encouraged. One was about how to buy a Christmas gift that the all three children would receive. A train comes to mind this gift gave the family something in common that would exist through- out the years. Elma and her husband made their vacations around the U.S. on train trips, as the boys grew up their vacations expanded to Germany, Paris, Italy, England. These are the memories a devoted mother has of her husband and children. On June 21, 2012 Elmcroft of State College arranged a trip to Historical Bellefonte Railroad Station, to help Elma discover the past and to share her experience. Elm was in the park and was able to feed the ducks and was able to view the waterfall. Elma had a lunch at the Railway Station, and then we walked around and toured the BUDD RDC-self powered passenger cars, a wooden Caboose and Train snow plow. Elma gave her children great memories . Elmcroft helped her relive them.
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  • State College, PA