Chuck from Allison Park, PA
A Soldiers Travel In Time

Chuck was a soldier in World War II and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He was quoted in the World War II book "Malmady Massacre". As time went on, Chuck's family visited Germany and dined in a Tavern where Chuck had through past stories visited also. Upon their visit, Chuck's family surprisingly located displayed in the Tavern his story and pictures of Chuck. The family who owned the Tavern shared this story and history with the family members. It prompted the owners to present Chuck's next generation with a souvenir authentic flag. During seasonal visits from volunteers who come to our facility, especially young people, Chuck has shared and relived this memorable part of his life's history. This prompted one young person to further honor Chuck and Veterans by returning to recreate his story in a documentary compiled by students. Along with shared stories by other Veterans, our young volunteers stated that Chuck is indeed a "living history book". Chuck's humble response was "I'm quite OK with that!"


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  • Allison Park, PA