Delores from Beaver Falls, PA
Skiing Dream


While sitting around the fireplace at Elmcroft of Chippewa, residents were sharing some of their dreams. Delores, a very fun-loving woman, mentioned it was her dream to go skiing. Since skiing is a favorite leisure activity of mine, the wheels immediately started turning and soon Delores had an opportunity to "virtually" ski at "Elmcroft Slopes in Chippewa" on January 13, 2012. The dream began with Delores being presented with her official ski pass and trail map. Then after Delores put on a crazy-looking ski hat, a scarf, a pair of skiis and poles, she was given some instructions on how to ski using the Wii. Delores laughed as she "flew" down the mountain while other residents watched, cheered and threw snow (cotton balls) on her. It was a cold, snowy winter day--just perfect for skiing! Everyone enjoyed the delight of seeing Delores fulfill her dream of skiing. To make the morning even more memorable, snowball donuts and hot chocolate were served which made it feel like we were in a cozy ski lodge. It's never too late for dreams to come true! Here's to Life!

  • Location
  • Beaver Falls, PA