Georgene from Beaver Falls, PA
Georgene Flies High

In talking with a spunky 98-year old woman named Georgene who resides at Elmcroft of Chippewa, I discovered that Georgene had always wanted to take a helicopter ride. She grew up near an airport and enjoyed watching flights take off. She dreamed of one day taking off on a helicopter ride. Georgene's dream finally came true just before she turned 99 years old! Ron Spiker of Spiker Helicopters, LLC, offered to assist in the dream. He brought his three-seated helicopter to the Beaver County Airport and on May 20, 2012, Georgene got to fly over her hometown of Baden, Pennsylvannia. Along for the ride was Stephen Crawford, who is the Dining Chef at Elmcroft of Chippewa and a friend of Georgene's. The weather was gorgeous and Georgene was delighted with the whole experience. She loved the view from the helicopter and said she would fly with pilot Ron Spiker anytime because he was such a gracious and wonderful man! Staff and friends of Georgene's came to cheer her on at the airport. After the ride, residents and staff celebrated Georgene's dream come true with butter pecan ice cream cake (her favorite)donated by Bruster's Ice Cream stand.
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  • Beaver Falls, PA