Veterans of Elmcroft from Montgomery, AL
Veteran's Photo Shoot

Veterans of Elmcroft
On March 10th and 11th we had huge Second Wind Dream and honored all of our Veteran's with their own professional photo shoot. We all remember to have professional pictures made of our children and grandchildren but not of our parents and grandparents. Joey Watkins, who is an old high school friend of mine, had the honor of taking these pictures. Joey and I, along with their families help collected mementos from their rooms that told the stories of years long past. Joey spent about 45 minutes with each Veteran learning of their years of service to our country and snapping pictures all the while. We wanted to capture the moment. And that we did. I won't go into any detail because these wonderful and moving pictures tell their stories. Especially the one's of Mr. Thames. When his daughter came by to view the photos she was brought to tears because they are so moving. This was such an honor to do for our Veteran's and we hope to do it again soon. Additionally these photos will be displayed on our digital and static billboards throughout the month of April.
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  • Montgomery, AL