Roy from Hendersonville, TN
A Day of Reminiscing

Roy Duncan lives at Elmcroft of Hendersonville. He is 90 years old and in the memory care unit. A long time friend, Waltr Slater, heard about a LST Navy ship coming to Nashivlle for people to go and see. A LST is a land- ship- tank. It carried tanks, troops, and alligators, and was able to pull right up on shore. Roy Duncan was a Chief Petty Offier on the 483 LST during WWII. He was on the ship for 2-3 years in the South Pacific. His job was to work on the engines and guns, and keep them in top running order. Mr Slater told us at Elmcroft that he would like to take Roy to see the 535 LST that was docked in Nashville. We were all excited for Roy. Roy was escorted to the ship amid much fanfare. He was able to look down into the engine room and was able to tell the crew around him all about the times that he had spent working in the engine room. He spotted 2 wrenches and told how they were different, and how one could handle a lot more pressure than the other. It was a very happy day for Roy bringing back memories of his Navy days.
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  • Hendersonville, TN