Lou from Hendersonville, TN
Home Sweet Home

On October 25, 2012, we took Lou Cage on a ride to see her old home. She talks about seeing her home almost daily, so we dicided to make her dream come true. We got Lou all gussied up and loaded her into the van. She RARELY goes out of the building, so it was a real treat for her, and for us!! First we drove her to her cousin, Tom's old home place. It was an old stone house located on Cages Road. We drove down Cages Road and looked for where her family's old home place had been located. It had burned down many years ago, but we were able to get a good idea of where it had been. She had spent many happy hours on that road visiting family and friends. Then we drove to see Lou's house in another part of town. It looked so nice, and we explained that a nice, young couple had bought it and had fixed it up. They had kids, and were excited to be in her house. Then we drove and got her a chocolate milkshake, complete with whip cream and a cherry on top. Her eyes got big, and she had the cutest smile. Next, we drove to the lake so she could see the ducks and sip on her shake. Finally, we stopped at a pumpkin patch and got her a pumbkin of her own. Lou just smiled and smiled. It was hear-warming just to make Lou feel special on her special day!
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  • Hendersonville, TN