Roy & Margarite from Hendersonville, TN
Honorees for 61 Years Service

Roy & Margarite
A resident of Elmcroft of Hendersonville told the Healthy Lifestyle Director about Mr. and Mrs. Roy Duncan, and how the Duncans had been so very active in the Eastern Star and the Masonic Lodge for most of their married life. We contacted the Masonic Lodge and the Eastern Star and told them that we would love to have a day to honor Roy and Margarite Duncan for their 61 years of service. They were excited about the occasion, and set the ball rolling. On August 23, 2012, Elmcroft hosted a special get-together which included many members of the Eastern Star, Masonic Lodge, family, and friends of the family. Evelyn Campbell, Margarite's best friend and Eastern Star member, gave a beautiful presentation on what all Margarite had done for for the Eastern Star. Dick Hitch, gave a presentation about Roy's 61 years of service, and presented them with a framed certificate of appreciation. Margarite, who is in a wheel chair, stood up and gave the most beautiful speech about God sending special people into other's lives, and that all the people present, were special people. She said that she would remember each and every one of their faces, and told them how much she loved them. Roy gave a speech, and after the hugs and hand shakes,and many tears, we served cake and coffee to all present. The Duncans both have Alzheimer's disease, and I have never seen them so animated. All these wonderful people that came to honor them brought back many fond memories of their past service.
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  • Hendersonville, TN