Alvin McDaniel from Hendersonville, TN
Two Best Friends Reunited after 20 Years

Al McDaniel recently had a day that he will long remember. His best friend, since their grade school days, came to Elmcroft to visit Al. Al had not seen his buddy, Bobby Sprague,in over 20 years. Bobby lives in Memphis, and the years had passed since they had gotten together, even though they kept in touch by phone. Bobby and Al sat on the front port of Elmcroft and laughed and reminisced about the good-old-days....almost 70 years ago! They grew up as neighbors and went to school together. They were on the same baseball team, with Bobby pitching,and Al in the outfield. They also enjoyed cruising together to check out the girls. They sneaked their first "smokes" together. Al had a paper route, and when he could get Bobby up at 4:00 a.m., Bobby would help him roll the papers and toss them into people's yards. anyone. He couldn't believe that he and Bobby had been best friends for almost 70 years, and their friendship was still as strong as it ever had been.
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  • Hendersonville, TN