Margaret from Hendersonville, TN
Welcome Back, Margaret!!

Margaret is an 82 year old lady that lives at Elmcroft of Hendersonville. She got a Mother's Day card last May from the people that own the Long Hollow Jamboree. They, and everyone associated with the Jamboree, think of Margaret as "family". When she got the card, she said, " I would love to go back to the Jamboree one more time". The Jamboree was originally set up for local pickers and grinners to have a place to play and dance. Since it's conception, famous people like Dick Clark, Bill Monroe, and Billy Ray Cyrus have entertained there. Margaret was intstrumental in the Jamboree getting off it's feet and becoming a Nashville treasure. She started off as a cook, waitress, emcee, and singer for the bands that would show up. Margaret kept her phone hot all week calling people to come out and entertain with their many musical talents. Margaret was reunited with many of her old friends amid hugs and kisses. She was welcomed back on stage and sang a duet with the owner of the Jamboree. Everyne cheered and Margaret just beamed. When she got back to Elmcroft, she walked in the door and said, " I am Blessed!" What a better ending to a perfect eveniing?
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  • Hendersonville, TN