Ellie from Montoursville, PA
Candlelight Service

Christmas is a busy time of year everywhere; and AL facilities are no exception. Family parties, Employee parties, vacations, etc. In talking about future events for the holidays, one of our residents asked if we were having a Christmas Eve Church Service in our community. At that time there was not one planned. After our activities planning session with the residents, Ellie came to me and stated that she really would like to have a candlelight service on Christmas eve because this would be the first Christmas she was unable to attend the one at her church and it was part of her Christmas tradition. I immediately put on my thinking cap and remembered the little electric candles that we had for our big Christmas party earlier in the month, soooo, I scheduled a candlelight service for Christmas eve. Obviously Christmas Eve is a busy night for churches and pastors so I used the book my mother gave me years ago “Hugs from Heaven on angels Wings” to create a traditional service. Since most my own family lives out of town I was able to give my time for this special occasion for Ellie. set up the living room in a circle around our organ. The electric candles were placed on top of the organ and around on the end tables. Each resident received a candle as they came in for the service. The lights were dimmed and the room glowed with the candlelight.
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  • Montoursville, PA