June from Montoursville, PA
"I Come to the Garden"

I knew June way before she came to live in our community. I have known her for 38 years, she was a neighbor, a friend, a fellow church choir member, her husband was my OB/GYN and we traveled to PennState Football games together. Although her memories of our previous friendship come and go, her memory of her husband Ken will be with her forever. In the process of helping her look for her hearing aide I came across an article and picture of Ken in our local paper, standing in Brandon Park, (the main Park in Williamsport) with a rake and a tree next to him. He was featured in the article because he was responsible for the planting and beautification of the park and City Council had recently dedicated a garden to him posthumously. They had just laid a brick sidewalk to the garden and plans were made to extend the walk all the way around the garden. I asked June about the picture and the article and she stated that she would give anything to go and spend some time in "Ken's Garden" because he loved the park so much and it made her feel close to him. We had hoped to fulfill the dream after the spring planting however, June will be leaving our community to go with her daughter ot California where she lives. So-o-o we could not wait. I took her in the company van and she giggled all the way to the park. She even remembered where to turn. As we drove into the park June stated " No one loved this place like my husband did." She stood in the Garden Alone and talked to Ken.
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  • Montoursville, PA