Bill from Montoursville, PA
That seems Fishy

In my visits with Bill I found out that he is a tropical fish enthusiast. He has confined himself to his room for most of the day because of personal medical issues. During one of conversations he expressed his desire to have a couple of fish tanks with various tropical fish but he was not sure how or where he would put them. Along with other staff members and family we devised a way so that we could put two small aquariums in his room that would be easy for him to take care of. Those aquariums are now in place and he has a nice variety of fish to watch and care for. When he has been out of the community to the hopital he has asked that myself and two of the girls take care of his fish. Not a problem until his family bought him a mini shark for the one tank and although it was ok for a couple of days, soon the other fish were missing fins and tails and a couple passed away. Shark removed problem solved. Bill loves to tell the other resident his "Shark Story".
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  • Montoursville, PA