Jaunita from Medina, OH
Painting Pottery


Jaunita has always been very crafty. Her most favorite thing to craft was China! She would order raw pottery pieces and spend her time painting intraquette designs. Her favorite thing to paint on the pottery was flowers. After she spent hours painting she would go down into her basement where she had her own kiln and bake the pottery till the colors were perfect. Jaunita says baking 4 times is best in her opinion making the colors bight! She then would take her finished product  a local store called Ruess & Snyder located in Defiance OH, and they would sell her lovely works of art.

Jaunita quit painting China when she started to feel to unsteady on her feet to carry her works of art to the basement to bake in the kiln. She left all of the supplies and pieces she had to her children and grandchildren

When All Fired Up heard of Jaunita's dream then jumped on right away and donated any piece of pottery she wanted as well as the paint and use of the kiln. Jauntia sat diligently and painted with a little help to steady her hand to ensure prefection, she completed her piece and was very proud to do so!

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  • Medina, OH