Melvin from Mansfield, OH
Blueberry Pickin'

Melvin had told us through SWD dream discovery that he wanted to pick blueberries again. We took him to a special place called The Blueberry Patch in Lexington, Ohio. They gave Mel a lightweight bucket and off we went. The berries were beautiful and the breed we picked had very tall bushes, as you can see from the picture. Melvin was so thorough in his picking! He got into the middle of the bush and could reach even the far side of the bush to pick it clean! He did an awesome job! Afterwards, we went an explored the beautiful gift shop and greenhouse they have at The Blueberry Patch. Then we had a delicious lunch, inclucing blueberry muffins, in their wonderful lunch room. It was a fun day for Melvin and a great chance to something he enjoys once again!
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  • Mansfield, OH