Richard from Griffin, Georgia
Navy Wings

Mr Eldrige was a Navy pilot, back in World War II. And I had recalled, when Richard was chosen for resident of the month, in his Bio: Mr Eldridge was a very important Navy Aviator. Mr Eldridge and I would spend time talking about the Miltary, and how he loved to fly. So I was able to get a hold of Stefan Bocchino, who his part of Krtland Air Force Base public Affairs divison with the Wing Command. Mr Bocchino, was able to talk to the Wing Commander, and got clearnce for Richard to go on a C-130 and sit in the cock pit. Then right after that, Mr Eldridge was able to go fly in a flight Simulator also. In adittion, we had David Rivord from Prime Time, who his going to write article about this dream in their paper. Plus, Mr Eldrige had carried on a conversation, more than, than he had done in six months. Also the Stars and Strips are going to due an article on Mr Eldriege.
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  • Griffin, Georgia