Thelma from State College, PA
A Christmas Tribute to Our mother

When talking with families some times you hear similar stories, and as time goes by they wish they could give a tribute to the one they love. Now is the time when things are not important and no amount of money is enough for a gift. All you have to give is yourself and gentle soothing words that tell them how much they are loved. This Make A Wish is for Thelma’s Family who wanted to pay tribute to her this Christmas. Christmas was always Thelma’s Favorite holiday. She loved us kids. We did not have a lot of money so buying a Christmas tree was certainly not in the budget. One Christmas in the 60’s mom got a really pathetic tree, We never trimmed our tree until Christmas eve so we did not realize how bad it was till then. It couldn’t even hold an ornament on its branches. Mom said you older kids have to go out into the woods and get us another tree. Well we lived in valley view, right outside of Bellefonte Pa. So the woods were close. So as the evening approached the moon had come up it was bright enough for Gary, Paul and Linda to see to walk into the woods to find another tree for mom. It was late till they got back and finally got it decorated for Christmas morning. Our mom always made sue we had a good Christmas. There were many of times we knew that she went without for us, Merry Christmas and Thank You mom from all of your kids. Love Always. Sandy, Paul, Gary, Linda, Rick, Randy, Tom, and Mark
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  • State College, PA