Randall from State College, PA
A Hunters Dream

Randall is one of those people that you can say is a friend and it would be true, He will always great you with a smile and a good morning, or afternoon. He is soft spoken and always has a hand to offer if it is needed. He tells wonderful stories of life on the farm or just some needed parable for a pep talk. Randall with his wife Charlotte of 75 years moved at Elmcroft of State College since April of 2006. Randall, although he lives at Elmcroft still has an active life outside the community with his church, and friends and family. One of the things he still enjoys is hunting many a morning when I have arrived at work Randal will be dressed all in green if going fishing or in green and orange if going hunting. Randall tells me with pride that his love of hunting came from his father he was smaller than his brother who had a double barrel shot gun but when it came to be his turn to hunt he was twelve years old and Dad did not let him down he got a single barrel shot gun and it cost $9.25 that was a lot of money. The gift of the gun was very memorable for Randall his father was killed in a farming accident within the next year on the farm. Over the many years Randall has had many a Trophy hunts but the one he talks about the most is his last big turkey.
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  • State College, PA