Sophia from State College, PA
Bison Lane


As the residents are eating their meals many a times Carol, our Dining Room Director, will tell a story about her Farm. Carol and her husband Tom Getz have built a beautiful log home in the mountains for as far and the eye can see there are rolling hills and beautiful landscaping. Their Road into the Farm is Called Bison Lane. On one occasion while asking the residents what their wish would be Sophia said that see would like to see the Buffalo. One day Carol had Sophia ask her if she let people see her farm and that is how it began. On September 19, 2012 Elmcroft provide opportunity for Sophia's dream to visit the Getz, Bison Farm. Sophia was excited to go. As we were driving deep into the mountains of the State Parks of Whipple Dam and Green Wood Sophia Could not believe she was driving so high in to the mountains She keeps saying no one will believe that I'm going to the mountains let alone going to a farm.The farm's beauty takes your breath away it is so beautiful. Carol treated everyone to refreshment of homemade root-beer floats and a rest on her Oak Rockers on the lovely veranda. The bison were resting in a nearby pastor above the Cabin some were trying to stay cool for the day was hot and so they were enjoying rolling in the grass which is fantastic to see these huge animals play like little puppies. The Names of the Bison are, One Shot, Mini, Mandy, Molly, Bug Eye, Running Bull, Spirit, Pocahontas, Chyanne, Running Bear and Moon- Light.

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  • State College, PA