Catherine from State College, PA
The song they canít forget

When all means of communications shut down, the one thing that is consistent is that people remember and respond to music. Music has the power to bypass the mind and wash through us, triggering strong feelings and cueing the body to synchronize with its rhythm. This was certainly the case with Catherine. Her family, all musically talented decided to help us with the dream of music and the ability to play together one more time. So the family brought in their musical instruments and we set up an area that was comfortable and with no distractions. The magic began when the music began. You can also see the emotions felt simply by looking at the face of the resident, her family and the other residents that were able to enjoy the music as well. Something such as music, that we may take for granted has the power,in so many ways to assist with not only communicating but healingÖ
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  • State College, PA