Yvonne from Knoxville, TN
Animal Lover

Recently, Yvonne lost her long time best friend/pet to Pancreatitis. Ever since, she's been longing for animal companionship. We decided that a trip to the Young Williams Animal Village was just the thing to cheer her up. We had her board the van and told her we had a surprise for her. She had no idea where she was going. We pulled into the Animal Village and she got very excited. We entered the facility and played with a very sweet 9 year old dog named Sandie. Sandie had some health issues and just needed some love. They both fell in love with each other instantly. It was wonderful to see Yvonne pet, talk with and enjoy another animal. When our time with Sandie was up, we walked around and enjoyed looking at the other dogs in the facility. It was a wonderful afternoon and Yvonne could not have been more thankful for the trip. It really made her day!
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  • Knoxville, TN