Emil Kazez from State College, PA
Once a Fish Always a Fish

Emil Kazez

Emil, 80, resides in a memory care neighborhood at Elmcroft Senior Living and for the past four years has used a wheel chair. Prior, Emil had been an avid swimmer; swimming religiously on his lunch break while working as a physics professor at Penn State. He speaks often of swimming and, even more so, speaks proudly of the fact that his wife still swims every day. On June 13th, Elmcroft helped Emil swim at the State College YMCA with his wife, children, and grandchildren as an 80th birthday surprise! Emil used a water chair to get into the pool with the help of staff then took to the water immediately, swimming independently! The State College YMCA donated 8 free day passes for the event that were used by his family visiting from out of state. Emil said, "We are having a wonderful day."  He has also been telling everyone about his adventure. The other day he saw the staff member who accompanied him and said, "Where are you going? You aren't going swimming without me, I hope." Emil's family plans on taking Emil swimming every couple of months when they are in town now that they know how successful the trip was. This has turned into the dream that will keep on giving.

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  • State College, PA