Emma Taylor from Mt. Washington, KY
Doll Show & Gift

   Emma Taylor is a resident in our Assisted Living  Community. She has an extensive doll collection that keeps her company when she isn't busy socializing with her friends at Elmcroft. Emma's collection includes china dolls large and small, stuffed animals and over a dozen Cabbage Patch Kids. She even has a doll that cries and crawls! To Emma, each doll is unique and has it's own little personality. Children visiting our community squeal in delight when they enter her apartment!  In order to honor Emma's love for dolls, we are holding a Vingtage Doll Show in November. Each resident is invited to put their favorite doll on display. Emma will most likely find more than one to enter our show!

   We hope to present Emma with a life-like doll from the dolls4alzheimer's.com website by the end of November. Emma struggles with beginning stages of memory loss, and will certainly treasure this doll through every step of her journey.
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  • Mt. Washington, KY