Emory Richardson from Valdosta, Georgia
Like it was yesterday...

Emory Richardson

Second Wind Dreams—PruittHealth Pharmacy Valdosta

“Like it was Yesterday…”


This year’s Committed to Caring project was devoted to fulfilling the dream of a very special resident at one of our long-term care nursing facilities.

Mr. Emory Richardson has been a resident at Berrien Nursing Center for 37 years.  His sister recalls that she and her brother grew up on a farm in a time when a mule and sled were used to harvest the tobacco.  She describes how hard-working her brother was, that he was very outgoing, and that everyone loved him.

As a child, Emory displayed a great interest in motor vehicles.  A neighbor owned a red and white Oldsmobile, and every time Emory would see it coming down the road he would shout, “Daddy, Daddy, there goes my car!”  Eventually he saved up the money to have one of his own.  He was an enthusiastic football player for Berrien County High School and proudly wore jersey number, 22.

When he was 25 years old Mr. Richardson suffered a motorcycle accident from which he recovered.  However, about 10 years later, an automobile collision left him disabled, at which time he was admitted to Berrien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for care.

Recently PruittHealth Pharmacy Valdosta partnered with Second Wind Dreams and the Berrien County High School football coaches to present Mr. Richardson with a framed jersey bearing his number and a football that had been signed by each of the coaches.  He also received a collection of model motorcycles to decorate his room.

He was all smiles as he enjoyed the gift, the company, and the celebration.  A pharmacy staff member who was present relates that one of the coaches asked Mr. Richardson if he remembered a certain individual from the school, to which he joyfully replied, “I know them all!  I know them all!” like it was yesterday...

Mr. Richardson and his story are remarkable, and making his dream come true was a pleasure.

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