Esther Schock Burgess from Fresno, CA
Sibling Reunion

Esther Schock Burgess

Esther Johanna (Schock) Burgess was born in Hoven, South Dakota, the second youngest of twelve first-generation Americans.  As Esther grew, she watched most of her older siblings leave to get married and open their own business.  The Schock family had always been very close and large family reunions were held several times each year in Galt, CA.  But as the siblings passed, the reunions came only via funerals.  Now Esther who resides in Fresno, Ca., has only one remaining sibling, Jake, who turned 101 in April of this year lives in Stockton, CA (200 miles from Fresno), and no longer able to travel, his health is failing and his mind is starting to slip.  Esther’s pace maker failed a few weeks ago which made it difficult for her to get around with her walker.


Esther has loved her brother, Jake, for nearly 91 years and Esther would love to see Jake one more time before it is too late.

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  • Fresno, CA