Evelyn from Hudson, OH
Fun at the Casino


It was Evelyn's dream to get to go to the casino and gamble with her friend Flo.  Mary and Debbie from our Second Wind Dream team made her dream a reality. They took Evelyn and Flo to the Hard Rock Casino in Northfield, OH.  They had a great lunch together at the Winking Lizard restaurant, a local favorite.  SWD provided them with $50 dollars each to play the games with. Then they got to try their luck at the slot machines.  You can see the transfixed look on their faces in the picture in front of the slots!  Evelyn even came home with some money! Most important of all she had a wonderful time.  She came back and told her friends all about it and it sounded like so much fun that others want to go to now!

  • Location
  • Hudson, OH