Evelyn Glass from Mobile, AL
Evelyn's Faith & Family

Evelyn Glass

Evelyn has always been a very faithful Christian and raised her daughters and son in church.  Upon learning that a local church was presenting an Easter Passion Play she desired to attend with her family and enjoy a meal out.  The evening began with a dinner at Cracker Barrel with two of her daughters.  After her meal she also enjoyed a celebratory sundae.  She and her daughters were able to enjoy rocking in the rocking chairs on the front porch of Cracker Barrel and watching the sun start setting prior to journeying across the street to Dauphin Way Baptist Church to witness the presentation of the Gospel fulfilled. After the presentation, Evelyn and her daughters all agreed that the evening's performance had been very moving and enjoyable.  As they left the church they all linked arms and walked to the car- re-emphasizing Evelyn's dedication to her faith and family.

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  • Mobile, AL