Mrs.Payne from Carrollton, GA
Family Picnic


When interviewed, Mrs. Payne said her perfect day would be to picnic with her wonderful husband Gene.  Several residents wanted to get together with family.  We set out to make Mrs. Payne’s dream come true and include others at the same time.  March is not often a very good picnic month so we brought the outdoors, indoors.  Mrs. Payne wanted fried chicken and all the sides.  So, we had Kentucky Fried Chicken catered with AGW Ice Cream setting up a dessert stand serving many different ice cream flavors.  The table clothes were checkered and many outdoor props were used to facilitate on outdoors atmosphere.  Little Creek Blue Grass Band performed and everyone had a wonderful family picnic. 

Mrs. & Mr. Payne enjoyed a table near the outdoors setting.  Mrs. Payne enjoyed a long lost memory and afternoon picnic she had dreamed of.

  • Location
  • Carrollton, GA