Fannie Desario from Middletown, NJ
Fannie's Dining Experience of a Lifetime

Fannie Desario

Even though Fannie has been a resident of Middletown, in this very building, since 1989 she has not had the ability to get out to wine and dine in the area like the olden days. Fannie was an avid traveler which included mostly trying out different restaurants. When we asked Fannie if she could have one thing what would that be? Her answer was "Having my loved ones back", but to at least have a night out at a restaurant would bring a smile to my face. Fannie wants to go on a little adventure to the Sam Vera Restaurant in Marlboro to try some delicious Northern Italian inspired food in a beautifully renovated Victorian Style atmosphere. With only but a simple request to bring her best friend with her to dinner. Her perfect day would be one in "A peaceful world", so hopefully we can at least give her a peaceful night.

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  • Middletown, NJ