Johnnie from Norcross, Georgia
Farmer for a Day

Johnnie Shireman is a member of Pruitt Health Home first Atlanta; he resides in a personal care home in Loganville.

Johnnie had a hard up bringing; he was diagnosed with having a stroke related to a high fever when he was 8. He was shuffled around between family until the age of 26 and then moved into a personal care home.

When the Case Manager does her monthly contact with Johnnie, she always asks him if there is anything SOURCE can do for him? Johnnie always replys with the same answer; "Get me a job so I can work with my hands. I would love to work on a farm one day before I die."

When the challenge came up, we knew we had to somehow make Johnnie's dream come true.

It was a perfect day!  Johnnie was like a kid in a candy store living out his lifelong dream to be a farmer for a day.

Johnnie was also gifted a basket of farm grown/canned foods, a dozen eggs he collected himself and 2 large planters for veggies. 

  • Location
  • Norcross, Georgia