Faye Eason from Escondido, California
Elvis Lives on for Faye Eason

Faye Eason

When Faye first moved into Elmcroft - Las Villas Del Norte in San Diego County ( a dementia/Alzheimers facility), she was distraught and confused. She did not understand why her wonderful, loving son, Scott brought her here and she continualy asked for someone to take her home. Everything changed on her third day here when she wore her Elvis shirt. Suddently, everyone wanted to talk with her about Elvis. She reveled in the attention and, for the moment, forgot about her wish to go home. She explained to her new group of friends that she loved Elvis and had dreams of how sad it was when he died, how she wanted to help his family. She made so many new friends by showing them her Elvis pillows, Elvis lamp, Elvis photos, Elvis t-shirts, that she was the center of attention. Faye has settled in nicely into the community and continues to smile, talk about Elvis and visit with her loving son. It may be hard to see a loved one struggle with dementia however, know that during those times of joy, music, entertainment and laughter, that all thoughts and confusion subside - they are living in the moment with pure joy - maybe we can all learn to live like Faye - in the moment each and every day! 

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  • Escondido, California