Flo from Hudson, OH
Let's Go To The Casino!


Flo really wanted to visit the new Horseshoe Casino in downtown Cleveland.  She also has a good friend named Evelyn here at Laurel Lake.  It was Flo's dream to visit the casino and get to share the experience with her friend.  Even a few weeks before the trip, they were excited and telling their friends and family about their upcoming trip! Staff members Mary and Debbie took them to the casino for a day of fun. They had an amazing buffet for lunch and they enjoyed all the great variety of scrumptious food.  Then they got to hit the slot machines! Through the Second Wind Dream fund, each of them received $50 to try their luck at the slot machines.  They had a great time trying the different games and cheering each other on.  Mary got some wonderful pictures of their faces deep in concentration and also other pictures with their smiles of excitement.  Now Evelyn has a dream too, she wants to visit the Hard Rock Casino in the future! Even though they didn't win big at the slots, they hit the jackpot with having a great time.

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  • Hudson, OH