Yvonne from Raleigh, North Carolina
Full Circle: Dream of Being a Nurse

Sometimes  life gets in the way of fulfilling our dreams. Then, when you least expect it, a few remarkable and caring individuals make your dream come true.

Yvonne Hudson  grew up in a small North Carolina community working for Wake Forest/Rolesville Middle School as an office aide. Back then,  the office aide played many roles and often took care of those kids who became sick at school. This role as caregiver played a special part in Yvonne's dream  to be a nurse, but work and family came first, and so her dream was left unfulfilled.

The partners of our  C2C community at The  Oaks  at Whitaker Glenn/Mayview, wanted to fulfill Ms. Hudson's dream. They  reached out  to our  community and asked  for help.  Wake  Tech  Community College, who  utilizes Mayview for their  Nursing Students clinical experience, offered  to contribute their time and effort to making Ms. Hudson's dream come true.  Wake Tech Community college  provided a nursing Pin and stethoscope. Castle Uniforms, who used social  media  to reach out  to the community, donated a full white nursing uniform and  nurse's cap. The  Mayview staff provided memorabilia and the Nurse's degree along with stories and memories  from Ms. Hudson's life and times.

On February 21st, the communities came together for Ms. Hudson, along with her family, friends, and Wake Tech  Community College staff and  students, for the  presentation event awarding Ms. Hudson as an Honorary Nurse with a traditional cap and  pinning ceremony for her lifelong  role of serving others.

While discussing Ms. Hudson's life and career, we discovered that  Ms. Hudson was the  Office Aide when our  current Administrator was a student at Wake Forest/Rolesville Middle School. Our  Administrator brought in her old yearbooks, which showed Ms. Hudson's role duing that time.

Ms. Hudson told  us of a story of a little boy who came  to her office claiming to have a fever.  Ms. Hudson  said she  put the  thermometer in his mouth and stepped out  to get his file. When she  returned, she took out  the  thermometer and it was red all the way to the  top.  Ms. Hudson said she told  the  boy to get back to class,  if his fever was  that  high he should be dead.  She shared many stories like this with us but said  this was her best.

Life has a ·way of bringing us full circle,  showing us how we can  make  a difference in someone's life. Ms. Hudson and  her family were overjoyed and  it was our  joy to fulfill her Second  Wind Dream. Ms. Hudson was tickled  when she asked  if she  could  keep  the  uniform. Of course, we told her it was hers to keep and that the community came together just to recognize her and fulfill her life's dream.

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  • Raleigh, North Carolina