Gary Hall from Lebanon, TN
A Fishing Tale

Gary Hall

Gary loves fishing.  He used to go fishing every day.  Wednesday, August 17th he got the chance to go fishing again. 


We traveled to The Retreat at Center Hill Lake a Timothy Hill Retreat Center for a fun day of fishing.  This retreat not only gave Gary a day of fishing they gave Gary a Fishing Experience.  The day started off by getting onto a Pontoon Boat donated by JBeez Watercraft.  The special part is staff from The Retreat at Center Hill Lake built a special ramp so Gary could be rolled right onto the boat.  Once on the boat the fishing experience started.  Gary got to experience this fishing experience with his daughter Ashli and two special employees from the Retreat at Center Hill, Kyle and Brandon.  Brandon knew exactly what destination we needed when Gary told him that he like to fish for bass.  Kyle piloted the boat to Hurricane bridge pillars.  Gary really enjoyed fishing at the pillars and along the rocky walls of the lake.  After a fun day of fishing, we finished with a catered lunch. 


Every fishing experience has to have a fish tale.  We caught a 20 pound bass but had to throw it back because the cooler we had wasn’t big enough to hold it and we didn’t have a knife big enough to cut it up.  That’s our tale and we are sticking to it!


Special thank you to The Retreat at Center Hill Lake and JBeez Watercraft


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