Gerald from State College, PA
Miniature Ponies

Jerry was raised in Bellefonte, PA. After graduation Jerry worked for his father in a contracting business. Then hestarted to work for Chemcut at State College until he retired. Jerry meet his wife Hilda and got married on December 20, 1950 they were married 60 years. Jerry put his contracting talents to use and built all three of their homes. Jerry and Hildahad 2 children. Regan, Jody. They have 5 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild. Jerry has a great sense of humor he is always making jokes and very pleasant to be with.He gave many of the girls at Elmcroft nick names Like Cloudy, Sunshine, and Morning glory. When collecting his dream wishes he said he would love to see horses. But he said I don’t want to ride them I just want to look at them and spend the afternoon. Carol and Tom Getz have miniature horses and one was due to deliver so Carol offered for Jerry to come out to the farm to see the ponies. Carol and Tom have 11 miniaturehorses and 1 baby pony. Jerry was excited to go. So on April 25, 2013 Elmcroft provided transportation to go to the farm. The afternoon was a great success. He got in the pen and was able to touch and feed the horses. Carol put Passion and Precious out in a small corral for us to be with them. The pony jumped and skipped and played with us. Carol and Tom presented Jerry with a key ring with a pony on it. 

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  • State College, PA