Gene "G.G." Gilroy from Mobile, AL
G.G.- The Crowning of a Queen


Gene "G.G." Gilroy is a lifelong Mobilian and enormous fan of Mardi Gras.  It is a well known fact in the Mobile area that Mardi Gras started in Mobile and not New Orleans as most people assume.  G.G. grew-up attending this family-friendly Mardi Gras with her many brothers and sisiters and has always enjoyed the Carnival season.  She often shares her memories of these days and the mischief that she and her sisters participated in as they got older- they were very poor and made their own confetti from newspaper.  In those days sailors wore uniforms with enormous collars.  She and her sisters would sneak up behind the sailors and drop handfuls of confetti down their collars. As the Mardi Gras season arrived here in Mobile, the plan was to take a group of seniors to a daytime parade.  G.G. was all reved up and ready to go!  She was able to catch the parade twice and at one point was hit in the face with a large set of beads. When asked if she was okay and what she thought about the parade she enthusiastically shouted "THIS IS GREAT!" G.G. was able to continue with her Mardi Gras festivities when she was crowned Elmcroft of Heritage Woods 2014 Mardi Gras Queen three days later during Family & Friends Night.  She was so overwhelmed by the honor that she burst into tears and told her family "My parents would be so proud!"

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