George from Bethlehem, PA
My Country Legend


George read in the newspaper that Willie Nelson was coming into town and said “I would really love to see him.”  Fran, a family member, spoke to her friend George, who spoke with his friend Barry, who asked Tom, co-owner of the Sands Event Center…and the far away dream became a reality! 


It was Father’s Day evening, George was all dressed up and had a place to go to meet and listen to Willie Nelson.  Upon arrival at the Sand’s Event Center, George and Nancy were greeted by Barry.  Willie Nelson said he would be honored to sign a poster of himself for George, as he learned more about Second Wind Dreams. 


Throughout the concert, George said to Nancy, "Wow, this is quite a place, I've never been to a venue like this before." And he shared his deep appreciation for having his dream realized and being seated only 10 feet away from the stage. During the ninety minute concert, George patted Nancy's hand along with the beat of the music. He was smiling as he fell asleep dreaming of the kindness from a supportive community and a talented country legend.  

  • Location
  • Bethlehem, PA