Georgia Sanderson from Monroe, North Carolina
A Time To Fly

Georgia Sanderson



This year’s Second Wind Dreams recipient is Ms. Georgia Sanderson.  Ms. Sanderson was born and raised in Duplin, NC.  She attended Clemson University and majored in Business. She was a police officer with Tempe Police Department for 22 years where she retired. After retirement she moved back to NC.  She was married and had 1 son.


She came to Pruitt Health Union Pointe on October 29, 2015


The C2C committee chose Ms. Sanderson because it was a dream that we knew would be the most impactful for our residents, family members and most important to her.


Ms. Sanderson’s dream had always been to learn how to fly and to ride in an airplane. The committee quickly contacted Monroe Executive Airport in Monroe, NC to see if this was even possible.  We shared our idea of what we wanted to do for one of our residents and they quickly jumped on board. The committee contacted Ms. Sanderson’s family and told them she was selected as our “Second Wind Dreams” recipient. Her family was thrilled and never knew it was a dream of hers.  


Her family quickly wanted to help in anyway they could so we asked if they could have her at the airport at the designated day and time with a nice outfit and her hair done, while keeping it all a secret from her.


The day and time was set, along with invitations to residents, family members and staff.  The local newspaper and TV stations were contacted along with surrounding agencies. The dream remained a secret until the morning of the flight. The flight was a 1 hour flight with Ms. Sanderson as the co-pilot. The expression and excitement on her face was truly worth it.


As a committee we enjoyed interviewing our residents and getting to know them and about the things they have always wanted to do. Every month we will be fulfilling our resident’s dreams no matter how big or small and will be sharing them with the rest of our residents, families and partners. This project showed us, it’s never too late to have your dreams come true no matter what age you are.


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  • Monroe, North Carolina