Gladys from Mansfield, OH
I Want to Go Along, Too!


Gladys is not one to mention many dreams, even though she is very aware of the Second Wind Dreams program. One day she heard two of our residents talking about a dream trip to Akron Glass Works. Gladys spoke up and said she would love to see some blowing glass. Well, we got her signed up and the dream underway.

First we had a delicious lunch at Bob Evans, then passed the home of Goodyear Tires. Next we located the Akron Glass Works and enjoyed their unique gift shop, filled with the creations of all the artists who blow glass, or create works from the broken glass, there at the shop.

At the appointed time, we were ushered to the viewing area and watched as the owner created a glass bulb, a pumpkin, and a candy dish from hand blown glass. We watch as he blew the air to create the hollow shapes, pushed the hot glass into a mold to start the pumpkin folds, flattened glass to make a steady base for the dish, and then twirled the glass upside down on the blowing rod to form the unusual candy dish. What a fun experience for all, and how glad we are that Gladys spoke up about wanting to see this artistic creation session!

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  • Mansfield, OH